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Migration and Development: A cross-cultural perspective

According to the United Nations estimates there are 33 million migrant workers in the Middle Eastern Region. The development in the region, which spiraled from the 1970s, has seen a growing influx of workers from around the globe. Today the region boasts of being a hub not only for exportation of gas and oil but of trade, finance, and exchange of cultures. It is in this hub of energy and development that there is greater recognition of the need for cross-cultural exchanges, learning, and celebration that is reflective of the interdependent world that we live in.

As the region seeks to diversify its economy it needs to recognize the role that millions of migrants have played in contributing to its development in where it is today. The reciprocity and co-dependence of migrant workers and host populations demands a new understanding today, one in which the possibility of a win-win-win, for country or origin, destination, and migrant worker is a genuine possibility.

The Middle East Centre for Training and Development through its workshops, seminars and trainings attempts to forge and nurture this new understanding in an attempt to demonstrate the real possibilities between migration, development and a future that embodies the vision of 2021.