Workshop on Ethical Recruitment



The Middle East Centre for Training and Development along with Fair Hiring Inc is organizing a training on ethical recruitment from 1-2 March 2015 in Dubai United Arab Emirates. The course on ethical recruitment will provide knowledge about the increasing demand for ethical recruitment from different stakeholders, as displayed by new and emerging destination country laws and industry/employer requirements and initiatives that impact the business of recruitment.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:      

  • Explain the elements and drivers of ethical recruitment
  • List relevant standards for ethical recruitment and the business benefits of meeting these standards
  • Identify the impacts on workers, employers and recruitment agencies of not meeting the standards to ethical recrutiment
  • Discuss practices in the recruiment process that pose RISKS to meeting ethical recruiment standards    
  • Identify controls from a staekholder perspective aimed at manging RISKS of unethical recruitment