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Kapila is currently one of the Additional Solicitor Generals in the office of the Attorney General of Srilanka. He started his career in 1983 joining the Attorney General’s Office as the Acting State Counsel and later in 2005 had assumed the role of Deputy Solicitor General. During his career, he had taken other responsibilities which included representing the government and other government departments of Srilanka in the Original and Appellate Court for civil and criminal cases since 1983. Kapila is also engaged himself as the visiting lecturer for the Bandaranaike Center for International Studies. He acts as a resource person for the International Labour Organization and International Organization for Migration in Srilanka. In addition to this, he is also a member of the Environmental Law Review Committee which is set up under the Central Environmental Authority of Srilanka. Expanding his expertise and vast sources of knowledge, he is a member of the Bar Association of Srilanka, Medico-legal Society of Srilanka and Asia Crime Prevention of Srilanka. He also has attended various seminars and workshops regionally and internationally which deals in human trafficking, migration, corruption and money laundering.

Primary and Secondary Education:   
St. Thomas' College
Mt. Lavinia

Tertiary Education:

1. University of Colombo

2. Sri Lanka Law College


Academic Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Record of Employment

Bachelor of Arts (Economics) University of Colombo

Master of Arts (International Relations) University of Colombo

Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (1982)

Solicitor, England and Wales (1990)

Attorney General's Department,
01.11.1983 to date

Served as a Trial Attorney at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia January 1998 — February 2003

Unofficial Bar from 30.10.1982 — 30.10.1983

Employment and Working Experience:
  • Joined the Attorney General's Department of Sri  Lanka in  November 1983 as an  Acting State Counsel, promoted to the post of Senior State Counsel in the year 1996,  promoted as Deputy Solicitor General in 2005 and promoted as Additional olicitor General with effect from 11th of December 2013.
  • Represented and appeared on behalf of the Government   of   Sri   Lanka   and   various Department,  Public  Corporations  and  other Administrative  Agencies  in  the  original  and Appellate Courts in Civil and Criminal Cases since 1983.
  • Supervision and review of the work of Deputy Solicitors General, Senior State Counsel and State Counsel and other officers in the Criminal Division.
  • Supervision and review of recommendations made by State Counsel in respect of Police Investigations  and  Prosecutions  in  above cases.
  • Exercised  Supervisory  functions  within  the Attorney  General's epartment  in the preparation of indictments and charges.
  • Exercise   Administrative   functions   of   the Attorney General's  Department(1990-1994) (2004 -2006)
  • Advised GOSL and related institutions coming under  its  purview  on  various  legal  issues arising   from   civil   disputes  and   prepared pleadings in connection therewith.
  • Member of the National Committee — UNCAC Review Legal Consultant to the Financial Intelligence Unit (Central Bank of Sri Lanka) (2010-2011)
  • Served as the Chief Examiner at the Sri Law College Entrance Examination (2008 - 2013)
  • Visiting Lecturer, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies — Diploma in Migration Studies
  • Resource person for UN-ILO and IOM Sri Lanka
  • Resource person, Australia — Sri Lanka Mutual Legal Assistance and People Smuggling Seminars and Workshops for Investigators, Prosecutors and Magistrates (2011 — 2013)
  • Member of the Environmental Law Review Committee set up under the Central Environmental Authority (1991)
  • Asia Pacific Group on Money laundering Annual Meeting 2003. Macao, PR China Sept. 2003.
  • Commonwealth Workshop on capacity building in combating terrorism — Singapore May 2004
  • South Asia Regional Conference on Detecting and Preventing Terrorist Financing, conducted by US Department of Justice. Colombo, Sri Lanka June 2005.
  • The 136th International TrainingCourse on "effective measures for the treatment of Juvenile Offenders and their reintegration into Society". UNAFEI Japan - June 2007
  • Bali Process on people Smuggling, Trafficking in persons and related Transnational Crime, ad hoc Group Senior Officials Meeting — Sydney Australia — October 2011.
  • Training program on International LabourStandards for Judges, Lawyers and Legal Educators. Turin, Italy Sept. 2011.
  • Mutual Legal Assistance Workshop, Colombo Sri Lanka May 2012.
  • Training for Focal Points and Governmental Experts Participating in the Review Mechanism for the United Nations Convention against Corruption. — KL, Malaysia — July 2011.
  • Regional Conference of ADB/OECD on"Anti corruption initiative on Asia and the work to combat corruption" — New Delhi India — Sep. 2011.
  • ADB/OECD Anticorruption initiative for Asia and the Pacific, 17th Steering Group Meeting and 1 1 th Regional Seminar. Hanoy Vietnam — October 2011,
  • ADB/OECD, 18th Steering Group Meeting and 12th Regional Seminar. Dili, Timor Leste — July 2013
  • Life Member of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka Life Member of the Medico-Legal Society of Sri Lanka Member of the Asia Crime Prevention Foundation Sri  Lanka.
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